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Fleecy Flounder for Felines

We're having so much fun hand-knitting these Fleecy Flounders for Felines!  Each Fleecy Flounder is knit with small-batch indie yarns, currently from Plied Yarns Company, and then filled with fleece from our beloved ram, Vindur, and catnip sourced from NH Herb & Spice Company.  Our feline friends go crazy for these fishies and finding places to hide them from the kitties is our biggest challenge!


Since each Fleecy Flounder if unique and one-of-a-kind we cannot guarantee that yours will look as pictured above, however the surprise of meeting your individual Fleecy Flounder is part of the fun!

Fleecy Flounder for Felines

  • If needed, spot clean.  If more than a spot clean is needed, place in a bowl of cool water and gently rub.  To Dry: squeeze the water out of your Fleecy Flounder - gently! - and lay flat to dry (perhaps in a sunny window or a radiator for a subtle heat). 

    Do not place your Fleecy Flounder in washing and drying machines.

  • No, your Fleecy Flounder will NOT smell like our ram.  We carefully wash Vindur's fleece several times to remove that "ram" smell.  Your Fleecy Flounder WILL smell like wool and catnip.  If you WANT your Fleecy Flounder to smell like Vindur then we can do that.  Our felines certainly love that scent, too!