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Matthew - Emma - Kessler - Audrey

When I was in preschool a favorite time of year was when we incubated chicks for a local farmer.  I desperately wanted to bring one of those fuzzy, fluffy cuties home.  Never mind that we lived in an inner city apartment, never mind that we had cats, never mind that my parents had zero interest in raising a chicken (as I would inevitably want to keep it inside as a pet), and never mind that little me had absolutely no concept of what I was really asking for or that the cute little chick would grow into an actual chicken.  The seed was planted.  Fast-forward 30 years and my husband agreed with me that a small family flock would be a great addition to our home.  Little did he know ...  From a starter flock of 16 chicks we eventually grew and grew, at times having upwards of 200 birds on the farm.  Not to mention the pigs, sheep, and occasionally goats.  We now breed, raise, eat and sell heritage breed chickens that provide us with a rainbow of eggs, pigs for pork and pasture management, and my latest obsession of Icelandic sheep for meat, fiber craft and more.

It is beyond joy to raise my children on our own farm and with an abundance of animals.

We look forward to sharing our passions for our animals and farm life with you.



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